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November 24, 2021

An Actually Useful 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

We think a great gift should make life better—and look good while doing it. Here’s a list of 18 gift ideas that do just that. We asked our whole team and only featured things we actually want, already own or plan on gifting to our people—because why would we include anything else?

For the one who wore out all their sweatpants this year

(AKA, you and everyone you know.) Pretty sure we can all agree that in 2021, sweatpants solidified their standing as the number one wardrobe essential. Kotn makes its long-lasting loungewear from Egyptian cotton—a softer, silkier, more durable alternative to regular cotton. In other words, you won’t have to worry about these pairs pilling from 24/7/365 wear.

For the one building their capsule wardrobe

While they’re curating their ideal closet, gift them an underwear upgrade, too. We’re just as obsessed with Knickey’s sustainably sourced, elevated intimates as we are with their booty puns and body positivity. Refinery29 aptly describes these undergarments as “luxurious, but ideal for everyday wear.” (P.S. Remind your giftee to ship their old undies to the company’s recycling program in exchange for free pairs!)

For the one going back into the office

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better-looking lunchbox than this one from Corkcicle. It comes in colors and patterns for all personalities and includes a handy strap so you can easily carry your water bottle (or Leave-in Conditioner bottle… you know, in case your hair needs a touch-up after lunch). Another plus? Each purchase helps distribute clean water to communities in need.

For the one who's back on the road

So they always feel their best: Send them off with this sleek self-care travel kit from Olivela, featuring plant-based remedies for jet lag, flight anxiety, stomach bugs and more. And throw in a comfy mask to help them make it through hotel lobbies, long flights and airport lines.

So they always look their best: We’d be remiss if we didn’t plug our holiday hair kit here, too. 😉 Complete with TSA-compliant sizes of our best-selling Smoothing Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner + Air Dry Styler and a limited-edition Baggu tote, it’s pretty much the best stocking stuffer since those M&M-filled candy canes.

For the one who wants to get away, but isn't quite ready to travel

The Oculus Quest 2 virtual headset is proof that WE ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE—and that you don’t need to leave home to explore the most stunning places on earth. It’s a splurge, but cheaper than a flight.

For the kids

Not gonna lie—we enjoy experimenting with KiwiCo’s chemistry sets just as much as our kiddos do. A fabulous gift for ages five and up, give kids the experience of creating their own bath bombs, building a bubble machine or crafting cool stuff with crystals. Entertaining? Check. Educational? Check. Messy? Perhaps… but worth it. (This one also gets our product chemist’s stamp of approval.)

For the youngest of the bunch, make bath time more fun and creative with these minimalist toys from Pacifier (a fellow Minneapolis-based store where we actually shop—hey, neighbors!). We’re big fans of the build-your-own-bath-toy sets, this adorable bubble bath whisk and these float boats that happen to complement our body wash collection quite nicely.

For the one settling into a new space

Havenly is a budget-friendly online interior design service, and they offer gift packages ranging from a room refresh to a top-to-bottom transformation. Just think—your friends could have you to thank for their fabulous new bathroom fixtures.

For the one who's too busy to hit the gym

Bala makes incredibly stylish weights you can wear all day. Strap them on your wrists or ankles for a little extra workout while you run errands, fold laundry, take a bath, walk the dog. Speaking of dogs...

For the pet of the house

If you’re anything like us, you can barely find time to wash your own hair—much less your dog’s. Enter Wild One’s rinseless shampoo, a simple fix to keep your pup’s coat healthy and clean without a full-on bathing session. Vegan, naturally scented and sulfate-free (sound familiar?), just shake, spray and rub into their fur. (Tip: Throw in a plant-based dry shampoo for their human, too.)

For the one who prefers to stay in

Piecework puzzles are not your grandma’s puzzles (of lighthouses that she glued together and framed for her basement decor). These modern, dare-we-say luxe puzzles are lovely to look at as they are to put together. They make a wonderful gift for anybody seeking a screen-free way to wind down.

For the wine drinker

Goodbye, stale half-bottles of wine! Each bottle of Usual wine is one generous serving, which means you always get to enjoy a totally fresh pour (or TBH, save yourself some dishwashing and just drink it straight from the cute bottle). They are perfectly packable to bring over to a friend’s place or for a long day of supervising the neighborhood sledding hill.

For your booze-free bestie

Non-alcoholic drinks designed to promote clarity, calm and creative freedom? Who wouldn’t be excited to unbox that? With an active ingredient list that includes various adaptogens and nootropics (supplements meant to boost brain function), Kin Euphorics are a unique and thoughtful treat for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. (Pretty cool that each flavor comes with its own playlist, too.)

For the caregivers

Boasting benefits like improved sleep quality and stress relief, a weighted blanket makes a wonderful gift for new parents or anyone who could use a better night’s rest. Luna makes cozy, carbon-neutral blankets we love.

For the person who kills all their plants

Hey, we can’t all have a green thumb. That’s why we’re especially grateful to Afloral for making the prettiest (and most realistic) artificial plants we’ve ever seen. And they’re made with upcycled plastic (like our bottles)? We’ll take one in each room, please.

For the one between wash days

Ugly shower caps are a thing of the past thanks to our friends at Shhhowercap. Not only is this innovative cover the chicest one around (don’t be surprised if you see us wearing it to Target), it’s also made from a high-tech, premium fabric that’s 100% waterproof AND hydrophobic—so like, next-level protection. (On that same note, this lovely hat is the perfect out-of-shower accessory for when you need to skip wash day. You won’t find one cozier—we made sure of that when we designed it.)

For literally anyone with hair

Yup, we’re going there! We’re here in this paragraph to coax you into giving the gift of Odele to anyone you think would love our clean, premium and extremely photogenic products. We designed our award-winning hair care essentials for sharing, and ‘tis the season, as they say. We’ll be doing our part, too, by donating five bottles of body wash for every product sold on our site November 30 - December 6 to Together We Rise through our Odele Gives program!

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We hope this guide helps to ease your holiday shopping stress—and spark truly thoughtful gift ideas for the people most important to you. Share what’s on your gift list (or wishlist!) with us on Instagram @odelebeauty.

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Written by Lindsay Holden