At Odele, we create clean, premium beauty essentials for you + your people.

We are relentless in our pursuit of what works, and we settle for nothing less than what delivers on our high standards for quality, effectiveness and safety.

We think a clean list of ingredients should be the industry norm and not the exception, we know that crazy good does not have to equal crazy expensive, and we believe that beauty is worth sharing.

Formulation Philosophy

Choosing the right hair care shouldn’t require a PhD. We develop products based on specific needs associated with hair types, and invest in the best possible ingredients over all else. Our promise is to always keep it clean + approachable. With simplicity, safety + integrity of performance as our compass, our products deliver multiple benefits—from great hair days for all who share your shower, to a more beautiful shower shelfie.

Key Active Ingredients

Amaranth and rice tein are the hero ingredients in our hair care line. We love them so much we put them in everything. They work together to nourish your hair and fortify it against damage, promoting overall hair health, shine, manageability, volume and movement.

100% Natural Signature Scent

No artificial ingredients made the cut in the creation of our signature scent. We call it Marine, and it’s a balanced blend made up of watery green notes, cucumber, oakmoss, ylang-ylang and other florals.