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November 08, 2023

Everything To Know About The Everything Shower

The “everything shower” is one of our favorite TikTok trends to date. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a head-to-toe shower ritual that covers pretty much everything—from basic body and hair cleansing to exfoliation, deep treatments and more.

The best part? This self-care practice is completely customizable—you can do it your way with the products and steps that are most important to you. The goal is to feel as relaxed and renewed as possible, and that’s something we’re definitely on board with.

Want to create the ultimate everything shower routine for yourself? Keep reading for our tips.

What are the benefits of an everything shower?

Taking an everything shower can do wonders for your body and mind. For one, good personal hygiene and mental well-being go hand in hand. Caring for ourselves physically encourages the production of feel-good hormones (oxytocin and endorphins), which can ultimately reduce stress, anxiety and depression and increase confidence. That’s the scientific reason why lathering up after a long day can give you a major mood boost.

There are also big benefits to having an everything shower ritual—something you do weekly, biweekly or even monthly. Clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Tania Taylor explains, “Rituals, routines and habits have long been known to have a positive effect on our well-being because they support us in feeling safe, confident and comfortable.” So there’s power in consistency, too.

How to take an everything shower

Everything shower routines will look different for everyone, because it’s all about what makes you feel your best. When planning yours, think of it like an at-home spa day: Make a list of all the personal hygiene practices you want to cover—from skin care to hair care and everything in between—then block off a couple of hours to go all in on pampering.

(P.S. To keep your everything shower planet-friendly, conserve water when you can! Shut off the tap when you aren’t actively washing or rinsing, like while your hair mask is working its magic or you’re detangling your strands.)

Before you shower

Start by setting the mood. Think ultimate relaxation. You may opt to light some candles, use aromatherapy or queue up your favorite playlist. Do any pre-shower treatments on your list, like dry brushing or makeup removal.

In the shower

Indulge in a head-to-toe reset. Here’s a general order of operations, but choose your own adventure.

First, hair:

Washing your hair before your body can help prevent breakouts, since residue from conditioner and other products may sit on the skin if not washed off with soap afterward. So, we recommend starting here!

  • Scalp scrub. Healthy hair starts at the root. Scalp scrubs are amazing for loosening up stubborn buildup pre-shampoo and promoting hair growth.

  • Shampoo. If your hair’s extra dirty or has product buildup, consider using clarifying shampoo for a deeper cleanse.

  • Conditioner. Whichever conditioner you choose, make sure to concentrate it on your ends, since this part of your hair needs the most love.

  • Hair mask. A deep conditioning mask can give hair a boost of moisture, strength and shine.

  • Detangler. It’s best to detangle on wet hair for a gentler experience. Or even better: comb through your strands while they’re saturated in a slippery conditioner.

  • Leave-in treatments. Apply your leave-in moisturizers while you’re still in the shower for better absorption (the shower steam helps to open up the cuticle so products get in).

Next, body:

Once you’ve taken care of your head, move on to your shoulders, knees and toes.

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliation removes dry, dead skin cells for a smoother, more radiant skin texture. There are different ways to exfoliate: from physical exfoliants like loofahs and body scrubs to chemical exfoliants like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). It all comes down to your skin type: physical exfoliants are a bit more abrasive, so if you’re the sensitive type, consider going the chemical exfoliant route. (Don’t be freaked out by the term “chemical”—these are actually quite gentle.)

  • Shave (or don’t). If you opt to shave, do it after you exfoliate and before you lather up with body wash.

  • Cleanse. Lathering up with your favorite body wash after exfoliating and shaving will help clear away any remaining dead skin or product residue. It’s also a good time to cleanse your face.

  • Face mask. Shower steam opens up your skin pores too, so apply your face mask right before you get out for max absorption. (We love this one from our friends over at Versed, a fellow Target brand!)

After you shower

  • Moisturize everything. Seal in skin moisture using your favorite body lotion, serums and face creams. Same goes for your hair: use leave-in conditioner to lock in hydration if you haven’t already. Don’t skip this step!

  • Let it all soak in. You’re done! Ride out the wave of relaxation by doing something low-key, like drinking tea, watching your favorite series or getting a good night’s sleep.

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Making an everything shower part of your self-care ritual is a powerful way to refresh your body and mind. Check out our clean, premium hair and body care products for (almost) every step.

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Written by Lindsay Holden