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Odele x Dessa Partnership: We’re Going On Tour
October 24, 2023

Odele x Dessa Partnership: We’re Going On Tour

At Odele, we love working with inspiring humans who share our vision of what beauty is all about. That’s why we’re excited to team up with the ever-inspiring rapper, singer and writer Dessa on her Bury the Lede tour. As a tour sponsor, we’re including our award-winning Dry Shampoo in Dessa’s Bury the Lede collector’s bundle and gifting full-size bottles to show-goers while supplies last.

The partnership grew out of shared admiration for one another’s craft (and our Minneapolis connections): a mutual friend of Odele co-founder Britta Chatterjee and Dessa’s encouraged Dessa to try our Dry Shampoo, knowing that type of product was a staple when her schedule got hectic. Months later, Dessa finished recording the song “Chopper,” which she had briefly considered titling “Visine, cab fare, dry shampoo,” a line lifted from the lyrics. We got connected and bonded over our shared views about the beauty industry—and the collaboration concept was born.

“When it comes to beauty, I try to proceed with some caution—our culture too often conflates beauty with concepts of self-worth. But there are great brands out there making great products without implying that beautiful hair is, like, the highest rung on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,” says Dessa. “Odele is one of those brands; they seem sincere about their mission; they’re honest partners; and our conversations have demonstrated they really consider how their work affects people–both customers and employees. Plus, of course, their product smells good and works great, so it’s earned a permanent spot in my medicine cabinet.”

Catch Dessa (and us! 👋) on tour through January 2024.

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Written by Lindsay Holden