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June 28, 2022

Why Quinoa Belongs In Your Hair

When you think of quinoa, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s your favorite lunch recipe, that’s fair—but we’re going to upend your expectations a bit today.

No, we’re not pivoting to a food blog… unless it's about our favorite beverages to sip in the bath or shower. On top of being great in salads, quinoa—specifically hydrolyzed quinoa—is a hero ingredient in a few Odele products. (We’ll get to which ones soon, but you can see all the products that contain this rockstar ingredient in our new ingredient glossary.)

Care to know more? Read on to learn all about the hair benefits of quinoa seed—and please forgive us if we also made you hungry.

What exactly is quinoa?

At its most basic, quinoa (“keen-wa”) is a plant grown mostly for its edible seeds. Part of the amaranth family (another of our favorite ingredients!) and a cousin of beets, spinach and chard, it’s rich in protein, fiber, minerals and B vitamins—all of which happen to be good for your hair as well as your diet.

Initially harvested in the Andean states of South America, quinoa was a sacred crop to the Incas, who called it “chisaya mama” or “mother of all grains.” Legends say that the Incan emperor once took charge of ceremoniously planting the first quinoa seeds every year. Today, it can be found in many a salad bowl, along the aisles of your local grocery store and on the ingredients list of your favorite hair products (ahem).

What's hydrolyzed quinoa?

No, we’re not putting tiny, fluffy grains in your shampoo bottle. Hydrolyzed quinoa—the form of quinoa used in Odele products—is an extract of the grain that’s been broken down with water, or hydrolyzed, to extract its hair-loving acids. Water-soluble, this vegan protein contains 17 amino acids, including all nine essential acids, and carries all sorts of hair benefits.

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How does hydrolyzed quinoa help your hair?

So, is quinoa good for hair growth? Yes! And plenty of other things, too. Hydrolyzed quinoa can help repair damage, enhance shine and protect color—an ideal ingredient for restoring depleted locks, especially in the summertime.

To think about it in simple terms, our hair is made from keratin (a protein). Supplementing with quinoa (another protein) offers reinforcement, so your hair can be its strongest, very best self. Growth-wise, quinoa works its magic by helping prevent (and repair) damage, so split ends don’t hinder your hair’s ability to grow, grow, grow.

Even more good news: It’s great for all hair types and can help preserve color and protect against heat damage. It’s a win for everyone—just how we like it.

How do I get hydrolyzed quinoa onto my hair?

Well, we can help you there. Odele Ultra Sensitive Shampoo, Leave-in Detangling Tonic and Moisture Mask all contain hydrolyzed quinoa. You need only head to your nearest Target or order right here on our site!

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Packed with all nine essential amino acids, hydrolyzed quinoa is a powerhouse ingredient for protecting, repairing, strengthening and growing healthy hair.

Any other ingredients you’d like to know more about? Send us your grocery list at @odelebeauty and we’ll see what we can do.

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Written by Lindsay Holden