10 Ways To Get Volume In Fine Or Thin Hair

By : Odele

Despite the pros of having fine or thin hair (it tends to dry faster, it needs less product), creating volume can be a struggle. Your hair may get greasy fast, feel weighed down by styling products and generally lack body and bounce.

If flat hair is keeping you down, know that blowouts aren’t the only way to achieve that full, lifted look. In fact, you can easily enhance your hair’s volume with no heat at all. Read on for 10 super-simple ways to boost (and maintain!) body in fine, thin strands.

How to tell if you have fine hair

“Fine” is a way of categorizing your hair type as it relates to the diameter, or thickness, of your individual strands. When you hold up a single strand of hair, is it hard to see? Try rubbing it between your fingers. Do you barely feel it? If you answered yes to both, you have fine hair, friend.

How to tell if you have thin hair

Whereas “fine” hair refers to the diameter of each strand, “thin” hair refers to the overall density of your mane—or how many hairs are actually growing out of your head. So, your hair can be fine in texture and thick in density if you have a lot of it. It can also be coarse in texture and thin in density. This hair density may also change throughout your life based on genetics, hormones, etc.

How to give fine or thin hair more volume

If your hair is fine, thin or both, getting your locks to look full and bouncy can take extra effort. But with the right tricks and products up your sleeve (and in your shower), you can easily take your hair to new heights. Try these styling tips:

1. Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners

It may seem obvious, but using volumizing shampoo and conditioner in your regular routine can make all the difference. Ours, for example, are formulated to help hair actually look and feel thicker over time. They also provide lighter hydration so they don’t weigh down hair, leaving you with a clean slate for styling.

2. Find the right shampoo schedule

Oil and product buildup can be fine hair’s worst enemies. You may need to shampoo more often than your friend with the thick, coarse mane to prevent buildup from flattening your strands (or use a buildup-busting clarifying shampoo for deeper cleansing). Learn how to nail down your ideal schedule.

3. Avoid over-moisturizing

Stick with lightweight shampoos, conditioners and styling products that won’t drag down your strands. When applying conditioner, be sure to concentrate it on your ends and steer clear of your roots and scalp (this is where grease loves to gather).

4. Look for texturizing styling products

Texturizing sprays and mousses are generally great stylers for fine and thin hair. When you shop for styling products, look for keywords like “lightweight,” “volumizing” and “texturizing.” Salt-based sprays are particularly effective at lifting up limp locks (sea salt is a natural volume booster).

5. Get creative with dry shampoo

This is your secret weapon for keeping the volume up between wash days. Not only does dry shampoo absorb excess oil that can be heavy on the hair, but it’s also a smart hack for creating body and setting styles. Try dusting some onto clean, dry roots for a longer-lasting lift.

6. Play with your roots

Another way to add height? Grab a fine-toothed comb and carefully tease your roots, focusing on the areas where you need a boost. Be sure to set those back-combed spots with a bit of dry shampoo or hairspray to keep them in place.

7. Style upside down

Whether you air dry or blow dry, giving your hair a flip can help lift the roots for a fuller look. (Thanks, gravity!)

8. Try rollers or ribbons

We’re loving the current roller revival. Steal this ‘80s styling trick (after all, it was the defining decade of big hair) for sky-high volume. If you’re trying to minimize heat, heatless curling ribbons and rods are also on the rise. The idea is that you leave these in while you sleep and wake up to full, bouncy waves—no heat necessary.

9. Layer up

If you’re seeking longer-term solutions, adding layers to your haircut can improve dimension and body, making fine, thin strands look fuller.

10. Add body with color

Highlights and lowlights are another smart way to add depth and body to flat hair: the color variation creates the illusion of thicker tresses.

The Drop

If you’re struggling to achieve body in fine or thin hair, take a look at your products, wash routine and styling techniques, then see where you can adjust. Keeping your strands clean, using volumizing products, choosing lightweight stylers and playing with texture can go a long way toward reaching your big hair goals.

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