10 Gender-Neutral Brands We Love

By : Odele

When we created Odele, we created a brand for everyone. Tired of the days of strict his/hers/theirs categorization and overwhelming product lineups, we wanted to develop something that anyone could use—and enjoy—regardless of gender or age. (And FYI: There’s really no need for gendered hair care products in the first place—from a formula standpoint, shampoo marketed to women is no different than shampoo marketed to men.)

Fortunately, we’re not alone. More and more companies are ditching limiting gender barriers and promoting inclusivity—and we love to see it! From cosmetics to clothing to jewelry, here are a few of our favorite brands selling gender-inclusive products.

Big Bud Press

Greatest. Jumpsuits. Ever. Big Bud Press specializes in “unisex, everyday goods” and thrives in the “adding more color to your wardrobe” department. From their signature everyday jumpsuit (that comes in an impossible-to-choose selection of amazing colors) to totes, tees and breathable sweats, they’ve truly got something for everyone. Nearly every product is made from locally produced cotton or recycled yarn, and they’ve got plans to domestically produce all their fabric by 2022.


A jewelry company that gives back, Missoma decided to expand to gender-neutral design in 2020. “Our community kept telling us their partners were stealing their Missoma, so we had to do something about that,” founder Marisa Hordern told The Zoe Report. In 2021, they plan to expand beyond the line: “We have big plans to take Missoma’s key message of individuality further with greater emphasis on inclusivity and diversity, along with some boundary-breaking campaigns and partnerships that revolve around gender fluidity.”


Playful and colorful clothes for kids without any gender designations? That’s Primary—full of bright hues (you can search their website by “favorite color”), cute patterns and comfy fabrics for all kids. They even carry select items in grown-up sizes so the whole family can match—cute.


Fluide is a mission-driven makeup brand that makes vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free (we love that!) cosmetics for all skin shades and gender expressions. The brand, which sells * biodegradable glitter * among other fabulous finds, believes makeup can be “joyful and fun—as well as powerful and transformative.” Along with using their platform to amplify queer and gender-expansive identities, they donate 5% of sales to LGBTQ health and advocacy organizations.


A Telfar shopping bag is the current “it” bag for very good reason. Created by fashion prodigy Telfar Clemens and sold around the world, the genderless brand has certainly made its mark on the fashion industry since it was introduced in 2005. While the shopping bag is almost always sold out, the company offers a number of other beautiful accessories (and some very cool t-shirts).

Le Labo

We love a fancy-smelling fragrance—especially when it’s gender-neutral (like our 100% natural signature scent, Marine). Le Labo, a cult-favorite perfumerie, has a line of fine fragrances and candles with entirely unisex branding—and we’re kind of obsessed. (It doesn’t hurt that the bottles look gorgeous in the company of Odele products, either.)


Genderless swimsuits! Created in small batches in Portland, Oregon, Beefcake sells “eco-responsible swimwear that helps all types of people feel confident and comfortable.” The LGBTQ-owned brand launched as a Kickstarter campaign in 2017—raising over 300% of their goal. Their unique, 1920s-inspired swimsuits come in a truly inclusive range of sizes (XS - 5X) and are made from sustainably and ethically sourced materials.

Riley Studio

Riley Studio, which sells clothing for both children and adults, set out to create “a wardrobe of gender-neutral staples that are kind on the planet.” The company sells simple, classic pieces made from recycled materials, and their products are made to last. Those linen trousers you’re thinking about buying? You’ll have them forever—a good thing, because they’re beautiful.

Salt & Stone

If you’ve been looking for a reason to hop on the natural deodorant bandwagon, this lovely brand might be it. We’re big fans of their minimalist design, genderless scent options (santal & vetiver? Yes, please!), clean ingredients and recyclable packaging. They also make sunscreen for all skin tones.


Speaking of natural deodorant, PiperWai also carries a range of eco-friendly products for your pits, including this first-of-its-kind activated charcoal cream deo and a moisturizing underarm oil. The Black woman-owned brand blew up after appearing on Shark Tank back in 2015 (you can watch their post-episode update here), and they’re showing no signs of slowing down. They’re also the first natural deodorant brand to use only ocean waste plastic in their product packaging.

The Drop

Do you have more gender-neutral brands you’d like to share? Send us your favorites @odelebeauty!

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