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February 25, 2024

How To Use A Scalp Scrub

Scalp care is a big deal these days, and for good reason: scalp health plays an important role in overall hair health.

If you're looking to take your scalp care routine beyond the basics (aka shampoo), adding a scalp scrub is a great place to start.

What is a scalp scrub?

A scalp scrub is a cleansing treatment designed to gently exfoliate the scalp and remove buildup, dirt and impurities. Scalp exfoliation supports a healthy scalp environment, which in turn promotes healthier hair and improved growth.

Scrubs typically include physical exfoliants like sugar, salt or jojoba beads—these buff away dead skin cells and product buildup. Other key ingredients to look for include soothing elements like glycerin or aloe vera—these nourish the scalp and promote moisture retention.

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Benefits of using a scalp scrub

Your scalp is skin, and caring for it as such can reap big rewards for your hair.

Regular scalp exfoliation can have all kinds of benefits, including a more balanced microbiome, better hair product absorption and healthier conditions for hair growth. Some studies suggest that the act of massaging your scalp, which increases circulation, can also contribute to thicker, longer hair.

Oily scalps and dry scalps will likely see the most benefits. Grease-prone types can look forward to cleaner roots and better volume, while dry, flaky scalps should see reduced itchiness, fewer flakes and better moisture retention.

Bottom line? A scalp scrub has cleansing and exfoliating powers that create the ideal environment for your follicles to flourish.

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How to use a scalp scrub

Using a scalp scrub is easy—not to mention it brings the luxe spa vibes to your everyday routine (we're all about the fancy touches). Here's how to get the best results.

1. Choose the right scrub

Look for gentle exfoliants that won’t rough up your strands (sugar is a good one) and avoid harsh ingredients that could strip the scalp of its natural oils. Additionally, consider the fragrance and any added ingredients that could potentially irritate sensitive scalps.

2. Wet your hair

Apply to wet hair (before you shampoo) so it’s easy to evenly distribute the scrub.

3. Massage the scrub into your scalp

Using your fingertips, take a small amount and massage it into your wet scalp in circular motions. Focus on areas where you may have buildup or dryness, and be gentle to avoid causing any irritation.

4. Rinse thoroughly

After massaging the scrub into your scalp, thoroughly rinse it out of your hair with warm water. Be sure to remove all traces of the scrub to avoid any residue or buildup.

5. Follow up with shampoo and conditioner

Follow with your favorite shampoo for a complete cleanse. To replenish any moisture lost during the exfoliation process, finish with a nourishing conditioner or hair mask. And enjoy your fresh, clean crown!

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Using a scalp scrub weekly can help you maintain a happy scalp: think less buildup, less itching and fewer flakes. They're especially great for oily and dry scalp types, helping to promote healthier hair and growth.

For soft, hydrated skin from head to toe, check out our Scalp + Body Scrub. It's a gentle, sugar-based exfoliator with cleansing and moisturizing powers.

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Written by Lindsay Holden