Welcome To The Rinse

By : Odele

At Odele, we're all about sharing—it's built into our products and our mission, and at the core of everything we do. So it goes without saying that we are * beyond * excited to introduce this blog, a space for us to share even more good stuff with you + your people.

This is The Rinse.

Here, you’ll find fresh takes on all things hair, beauty + health (always from a no-nonsense angle, because we like to keep it real). We’ll explore modern beauty—and all the ways it shows up—through diverse lenses. We’ll dive deeper into the formulas and benefits of our products. We’ll geek out over science-y things in human-y language—no dictionary or degree required. We’ll exchange do-able hacks for saving time, space + sanity—in and out of the shower. We’ll introduce you to real, relatable people we admire and share their unique + unfiltered perspectives.

All the content you’ll see on The Rinse is based in science, careful research and/or real-life experience. Our contributors are human beings we trust: parents, business owners, early birds, night owls, planners, procrastinators, hair stylists, chemists, doctors, journalists, activists + just generally awesome people who are worth getting to know better.

So sit back, scroll through + enjoy. (And no judgment if you’re reading this from the bathroom—it’s where we do our best scrolling, too.)

Have a topic idea for our soapbox?

We’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for experts, explainers, thinkers, disrupters + everyday people to share their stories. Send us a pitch at therinse@odelebeauty.com.

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