Soothing Body Wash

A nourishing clean with oats

This beautifully balanced cleanser delivers on clean ingredients and clean bods. Harnessing the moisturizing power of Avena sativa (a fancy name for oats), this soothing body wash is pH balanced to support your skin’s natural barrier. Mild surfactants gently remove dirt, odor and other substances from skin without stripping or drying. Nourished, clean, happy skin is just a shower away. 

Our Soothing Body Wash is best for skin that’s dry or combination + itchy or sensitive.

Lather up + rinse! 

We never use SLS or SLES sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens or synthetic fragrances.


This complex + calming scent contains notes of cucumber + aloe to deliver a light and neutral fragrance for all genders and ages. It is 100% botanically sourced from essential oils and naturally derived materials.

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