How To Apply Dry Shampoo Like A Pro

By : Odele

Dry shampoo can be life-changing. And if it’s helped you gain hours back in your busy schedule, you know that’s no exaggeration.

We’re not here to sell you on dry shampoo’s time-saving, hair-reviving benefits, but we are here to teach you a few tricks that will make it work harder for your mane. Like any hair product, it comes down to two things: finding the right formula and knowing how to use it.

If you’re new to dry shampoo, haven’t yet found your fave or aren’t getting the results you want, keep reading! We share our best tips below.

How to apply dry shampoo correctly

There’s nothing worse than ending up with chalky roots, a white cast, scalp buildup, outrageous itch or all the above… just like there’s nothing better than getting that freshly-washed look without actually having to shower. Here’s how to ace your dry shampoo application—and keep your hair and scalp healthy in the process.

Choose a scalp-friendly formula

Not all dry shampoos are created equal! Opt for natural, non-drying ingredients to protect your scalp. We’re partial to powder dry shampoo, as these formulas tend to be cleaner, safer for the environment and more compatible with all hair types than aerosol sprays.

Odele Dry Shampoo is made with cornstarch and arrowroot, two plant powders that gently absorb oil and add volume without drying. It also has algae and oakmoss extract to help soothe and balance the scalp, preventing itchiness and irritation. And it has been and always will be benzene-free. See how it works:


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Section your strands

For a more even application, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to section your hair. This’ll ensure you get to all the oiliest spots!

Focus on your roots

Remember: your roots are the target, not your scalp or ends. When you apply your dry shampoo, try holding the bottle around 4-6 inches from your head to avoid too much scalp residue.


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Pause, then massage

Give it a minute to work its magic before gently massaging it into your roots with your fingers.

Brush it out

Use a brush, comb or your fingers to help evenly distribute the product, coax out volume and style as you like. You shouldn’t see any white cast or spots even on dark hair, but if you do catch any, just go lighter on the product next time—you can always add more!

No sweat

Is dry shampoo a staple in your post-workout routine? Next time you sweat, wait until your scalp is dry before dusting it on. You can also apply it before you hit the gym—that way your roots can soak up excess oil while you work out.

Remember: your scalp is skin!

In other words, don’t skip showering for too long. You need a healthy scalp to grow healthy hair—and that means cleansing it regularly with real shampoo. We highly recommend detoxing with clarifying shampoo if you use dry shampoo a lot.

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